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Our Vision

Inspiring open Planetary Dialogue, we evoke a New Story of Universal Wholeness rooted in Conscious Awareness of our Multidimensional Nature.

Our Values

Wholeness and Unity
Curiosity and Cocreation
Truth and Transparency
Goodwill and Reverence
Harmony and Inclusivity
Agility and Flexibility
Peace and Love

Our Mission

We have open discerning communication with all beings.

We bring multi-dimensionality as a positive contribution for humanity (science and culture).

We build generative networks to promote wholeness and vibrant alliances for the Earth and all beings/ecosystems that are beneficial to all Cosmic Creation (ETI, NHI, AI, UFO/UAP).

We courageously nurture the planetary and cosmic conversation, contributing and enriching its expansion, vitality, and harmony.

We actively illuminate and sustain conscious awareness about the interconnectedness of all phenomena.


We do this by:

Networking with individuals and collectives aligned with our vision and mission.

Connecting people to supportive spaces and resources related to their personal experiences of the anomalous .

Refining and grounding a comprehensive and informed understanding of the cosmos.

Discerning the value and contribution of anomalous phenomena.

Collaboratively sharing our evolving edges to deepen the conversation.

Advocating regenerative education and development with individuals and groups aligned with our mission.

Expanding conversations to include all levels, planes, and dimensions of interior and exterior reality (EXSO).

Honoring the inclusivity and Wisdom of Love.

Current Project

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This is a ‘Living document’ – last update 9 September 2023