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5 UAP/NHI Post-Disclosure Narratives

We surveyed over 400 people in 2023. Download the full Report.

Those who were more aware of UAP and NHI topics supported five likely scenarios following official disclosure of Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) and Non-Human Intelligences (NHI) near Earth.

  1. Shift in Global Awareness (Positive)
  2. Deeper Engagement with Non-Human Intelligence (Positive)
  3. Boost to Science and Technology (Positive)
  4. Expanded Sensing and Consciousness (Positive)
  5. Many People Remain Disengaged, Some Hostile (Negative)

Let’s explore each in turn.

Positive post-disclosure narrative

Following disclosure there’s a shift in global awareness that recognises the reality of extraterrestrial intelligence and their technology.

A narrative of “We are not alone” unites humanity. The newfound knowledge of NHI leads to a global epiphany that human differences pale in comparison to the diversity of life forms in the universe.

This shift in perspective fosters dialogue about our collective role and responsibility in the cosmos, encouraging planetary stewardship and disarmament.

Individuals and groups engage in deep introspection about humanity’s purpose, destiny, and place among the stars.

  • “We are not alone” narrative unites people.
  • “Take care of the planet” messages from NHI prompt action.
  • Humanity explores its deeper purpose.

Positive post-disclosure narrative

With the fading of taboos surrounding extraterrestrial life, society witnesses a surge in open discussions about personal contact experiences.

This leads to a broader acceptance of such encounters and a reconciliation within families and communities affected by them.

The active pursuit of communication with NHIs through meditation, indigenous practices, and other consciousness-expanding techniques, become more mainstream.

NHIs begin to reveal themselves more openly as humanity shows readiness for engagement.

  • UFO/ET taboo fades.
  • Acceptance of abduction phenomena.
  • Expanded NHI contact by humans.
  • NHI more visibly present.

Positive post-disclosure narrative

Disclosure ignites a renewed passion for STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), with potential leaps in funding and research directed towards quantum science, faster-than-light travel, and other cutting-edge technologies.

Commercial and academic sectors see a boom in the application of UAP-related technologies, leading to significant advancements in energy, transportation, and communication.

Paranormal research reshapes our understanding of consciousness and its relationship with the natural world.

  • Increased investment in STEM.
  • Huge investment in UAP-related technology.
  • Psi goes mainstream.

Positive post-disclosure narrative

The most profound impact of disclosure is on human consciousness itself. The disclosure of UAPs and NHI accelerates the development of expanded human sensing abilities, such as telepathy and psychic healing.

Interest in interdimensional realities grow, leading to serious scientific study of wormholes, time as a fluid concept, and the tangible reality of reincarnation.

Indigenous beliefs, long recognized a connection to otherworldly entities, become more integrated into mainstream thought.

New spiritual movements form that combine mystical traditions with contemporary understandings of multidimensional existence, fostering a sense of galactic unity.

The realization that some UAP are controlled by the consciousness of their pilots heralds a paradigm shift in how we view the interdependence of our technological achievements and our inner spiritual evolution.

  • Expanded human sensing.
  • Recognition of interdimensional realities.
  • Integration of indigenous beliefs.
  • Emergence of mystical religions.
  • Interdependence of technology and consciousness.

Negative post-disclosure Narrative

Initial reaction to UAP disclosure is marred by skepticism and disengagement. A culture already saturated with misinformation and fatigue over global issues may struggle to connect with the enormity of such a revelation.

The situation is exacerbated by sophisticated video hoaxes, leading to further public confusion over the truth.

Extreme religious factions vehemently oppose validation of NHIs, demonizing them and creating a hostile environment for those who have had contact experiences or those who embrace the new reality.

  • People tune out.
  • Widespread video hoaxes.
  • NHI demonized by religious extremes.

For more detail on the assessment of the likely impact of formal UAP/NHI disclosure by different groups download a copy of the full Report.