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Over a number of years, the individuals now comprising this ‘Cosmic Connectors‘ group, have shared experiential, academic and professional explorations into anomalous phenomena through integrative post-materialist frameworks and meta-disciplinary methods of inquiry.

Attending various courses together, particularly the year-long Exo Studies Master Course, we dived deeply into the complex topics of UFO/UAP, non-human intelligences (NHI), multidimensional realities and experiences, and emerging worldviews and cosmologies.

Awareness of the connection between inner subtle dimensions and outer cosmic realms is increasing. Public knowledge of the reality and diversity of UFO/UAP and ETI/NHI is growing. As a coherent collective, we have a shared ongoing interest in supporting each other, humanity and the Earth, in navigating the ontological and existential challenges we currently face, for the good of all.

Cosmic Connectors – Read more about some of our members

Tom Curren – USA

Tom’s career combines decades of conventional business experience with an ongoing commitment to pushing the “evolutionary edge” of personal growth and societal change.

Read more at What’s Up With UFOs?

For 30 years, as founder of Hawthorne Consultants, Tom Curren has been developing a successful practice to align top teams, improve strategy execution, and shift organizational cultures.

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Prof J Paul De Vierville – USA

I am an elder Earth Human in my seventh decade of life.

A husband of fifty+ years and father of forty+ years, previously a son, grandson and brother and now an uncle, grandfather and godfather.

A life-long-learner, both student and teacher and now a retired Professor Emeritus of The Humanities, Behavioral Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies of American, Western, World and Planetary Histories, Cultures, Civilizations and Cosmologies, having taught in these areas for three decades+

A retired Depth, Analytical and Archetypal (Jungian) Psychotherapist, Professional Counselor and Advanced Clinical Social Worker

Former Owner/Director of Alamo Plaza Spa at the Historic Menger Hotel and The San Antonio Institute for Natural Therapeutic Services

My areas of interest, research, speaking, listening and writing are: Poetic Oneirics (Poetry in/of/by & from Dreamings as well as OTHERS: (Other-Than-Human-Existential-Realm-Species)

Also, Consciousness Studies, Processes, Activities, Wonder and Awe. I am particularly interested in experiential Real-Time Realities of Soul, Psyche and Anima Mundi, including personal/individual, social/cultural, global/civilizational, planetary/cosmological Realms: All of these which are visibility being seen and invisibly related to in what is currently manifesting world-wide as Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAPs) when often viewed through the lenses and integrated fields of EXSO-Studies.

Other areas of interest, studies, research and experiences are Balneology and Spa Cultures, especially with their co-creative and regenerative wellness, health and healing wholeness. Balneology involves the arts, sciences and cultures of The Earth’s Mineral Waters:

Drinking, Inhaling, Steaming, Sweating, Showering, Bathing, Soaking, Mudding, Sunning, Resting, Sleeping and Dreamings…

Chester Hunter – USA

Chester Hunter – 66 years old
Dallas area, Texas, USA

Veteran researcher of all things UFO and all things paranormal.  

Also, an experiencer who has sought answers for decades and only ended up with more questions.

Giorgio Piacenza – Peru

Giorgio Piacenza was born in Lima, Peru in 1961 and focused on UFO research, contact experiences, and the cultural implications of a non-human presence on Earth, more specifically after a clear, close UFO sighting with friends and family members in 1975.

Mr. Piacenza earned a sociology degree from Georgetown University, two certificates in business, and a certificate in Integral Theory from John F. Kennedy University.

He was a civilian advisor to the Peruvian Air Force UFO research offices OIFAA and DIFAA. He is an advisor to the Consciousness and Contact Research Institute (CCRI), of Exopolitics Institute, Secretary and Peruvian representative for ICER (the International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research) as well as a member of the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies (SCU).

Through the years, Mr. Piacenza has kept studying and keeping abreast of a wide range of interests regarding the overall nature of reality, the mind-body problem, philosophy, cosmology, physics, and metaphysics. He has also been a lifelong student of integrative theoretical models and wrote two integrative academic chapters for the book “A Greater Reality” in which he explores the possibility of a universal structure and mechanism behind interdimensional exchanges.

Sabina Spencer – USA/UK

Sabina Spencer Ph.D. has spent the past thirty-five years working around the planet with visionary boards and executive leaders in some of the world’s largest enterprises. She is highly skilled at weaving together complex organizations and at focusing leadership energy to inspire sustainable futures rooted in interdependence and planetary consciousness.

Aware that we are not alone in the universe Sabina joined with the Cosmic Connectors to help others adjust to the realization that there are abundant life forms within and beyond Earth’s edges that are quite different from humanity as we know it. Her work is focused on co-creating a worldview that helps us to recognize our cosmic beingness which is so eloquently expressed in this quote from Rumi “You are the universe in exquisite motion.”

Roger Stack – Australia

Education Consultant: Empowering learners and educators to co-create preferred futures.

Roger’s Exo Studies Journey

Read more at Exo Studies Learning Resources

🔹 Exo Studies Learning Resources, Worldviews/Paradigms and Anomalous Phenomena 🔹 Education for meaning and purpose; student-directed learning; mindfulness and playfulness; education for well-being and wholeness. 🔹 Social technologies in education; immersive online learning environments. 🔹 Agile processes; wicked problems; integral frameworks; systems thinking; social foresight; questioning worldviews and assumptions.

Read more at LinkedIn

Linda White – USA

Linda’s clinical and professional services have been offered in a wide range of settings to include hospital-based weight management programs, outpatient alcohol rehabilitation, mental health clinics, employee assistance programs, church-based pastoral counseling settings, corporate wellness settings, governmental organizations and solo private practice.

Her doctoral research examines the impact of unresolved generational and collective trauma on societal wellbeing within the U.S. Of particular attention is the influence of unresolved war trauma on individual and collective wellbeing, denial, ridicule and disinformation in response to UFO/UAP/NHI and the recovery and integration needs of “experiencers” of anomalous phenomenon.

Professional profiles can be found on Psychology Today and LinkedIn.