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Introductory Information

The following books, videos and websites introduce some ‘exo studies’ topics such as UFO/UAP, non-human intelligences (NHI), multidimensional realities and experiences, and emerging worldviews and cosmologies.


Some key exo studies books (5+ titles)


Exo Studies – Documentaries and Docudramas (20+ titles)

UFOs: Investigating the Unknown (2023-2024) by National Geographic (YouTube)

Presentations and Interviews

Kevin Knuth on the Physics of UAP – SOL Foundation (2023)

UFO Whistleblower David Grusch Tells Me Everything – Jesse Michels (2023)


Exo Studies – Movies: Positive ETI/NHI Themes (15+ titles)
Movies with a positive portrayal of extraterrestrials and non-human intelligences.


What’s Up With UFOs? – Too many credible people are saying incredible things.

New Paradigm Institute – Resources, Classes, News, Citizen Disclosure