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Member Processes and Obligations

Obligations of membership


  • The core requirement for membership is active participation in the Zoom calls scheduled every two weeks. (These are two-hour calls.)  The expectation is that members attend at least 50% of the calls on a rolling six-month basis e.g. at least 13 calls every 26 weeks.
  • If someone misses two consecutive calls, we agree to have a member reach out to them and understand what’s going on, and share that with the group on next call.
  • If someone is not making the 50% participation threshold, we have someone talk to them about expectations for the coming months and if CC membership is still right for them, if they need to take a break, or any other course of action. A relevant proposal is made with respect to that person’s membership if any change is to be made.

Other obligations

  • Confidentiality which means we do not repeat outside the group what any particular person said.
  • Positive ambassadorial roles – e.g., no bad-mouthing the CC
  • Predisposition to contribute positive value.
  • Act in accordance with group norms (including the decision-making process, respectful dialogue, and constructive conflict)
  • Act in accordance with group decisions
  • Have an evolutionary orientation.

Rights of Membership

  • Decision-making rights, as defined elsewhere.
  • Right to withdraw one’s membership at any time. (This is not a cult!)
  • Currently, no dues or financial obligations. Ad hoc contributions to specific projects are voluntary.
  • No surrogates can substitute for a member’s participation in Zoom calls, except that a member may ask another member to present their opinion or agreement/disagreement on a particular proposal by proxy.
Process for new members

Cosmic Connectors is a young, diverse, global organization that welcomes new members. We look for people aligned with our mission and values that offer relevant experience and/or connection to other important communities and understand the rights and obligations of membership.

Our membership process entails three steps:

1. Working with a CC sponsor to understand potential fit

2. Approval for a trial period consisting of participation in several meetings (Zoom calls every two weeks)

3. A mutual decision for formal membership

Decision-making process

We have agreed on the following process for our adaption of “consensus decision-making.”  Note that this applies to the participants on any specific call.  If participants feel that important members are missing around the discussion of a specific topic, that situation gets handled in the process descried below.

  • We consider one proposal at a time.
  • We strive for unanimity. As part of that, we make sure that we have heard from everyone on the call.
  • Failing that, we attempt to resolve/incorporate any objections by revising the proposal under consideration.
  • After a period of discussion, if someone on the call continues to feel strongly (a blocking objection) about an issue, that they simply can’t live with any implementation of the proposal we “let it rest” – agree to take it up at the next session.
  • Any decision made can be revisited through this process if member(s) feel reconsideration is necessary. Reconsideration would be initiated by a revised proposal being offered.
Interested in joining the Cosmic Connectors?

If you have an interest in becoming more involved with Cosmic Connectors we encourage you to explore the vision, mission, values, and goals described on our home page. You might also review our membership processes and obligations (above) to see if these resonate with you. We occasionally explore expanding our membership. If you would like updates on our process please contact us. To follow our work consider participating in our social channels.