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UAP and NHI Disclosure Implications Report

Cover page of report

Over 400 people recently told us what they believed were the likely impacts of world leaders announcing the reality of non-human intelligences and their technologies on and around Earth.

The results revealed that those who closely follow this topic have remarkably different views from those who say they know less than the average person.  In our opinion, this Know More group – who have acquired more knowledge on the subject – provides a preview of the impacts of disclosure. 

In this report, we begin by focusing on the opinions of the Know More group and contrast them with the Know Less group. A following Supplemental section details our methodology, an extended set of profiles, and data on additional survey subgroups.

Diagram contrasting responses between groups

Download the free report for

  • An analysis of our original survey data which helps to understand the complexity of the UAP issue
  • A list of credible resources to learn more about the UAP phenomena
  • A process for dialogue and engagement to aid disclosure and shape a more positive post-disclosure world.

Here’s a 6 minute video introduction to the Report