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UAP and NHI Implications Project – Stage 2

The UAP and NHI Implications Project began in early 2023 to explore the potential social, cultural, psychological and philosophical consequences of a wider public acknowledgment of the presence of UFO/UAP and non-human or extraterrestrial intelligences (NHI/ETI).

Stage 2 of the UAP and NHI Implications Project involves an online UAP and NHI Implications Questionnaire aimed at a wider audience. It asks people to imagine future formal announcements, by the US President and other global leaders, confirming the existence of UAP and NHI around Earth.

It includes a section that collects some demographics of the anonymous respondents. This will enable reporting on how UAP and NHI implications are perceived according to country, age, gender, worldviews and hopes for the future.

For each possible implication of a formal UAP/NHI disclosure, respondents will indicate their sense of its likelihood of occurring, and potential impact on individuals and society.

>>> The anonymous online questionnaire takes about 25 minutes and is available to 10 October 2023. (Also in Spanish) <<<

Stage 2 analysis and reporting is expected to be completed by mid November 2023.